Your Art, Your Way

Commissions and Installations

I I work with individuals and organizations who are interested in having a one-of-a-kind art piece. Together we will discuss the colors, size, and character of the custom piece that you would like! 


Take a Lesson With Me


1 hr | $30.00


How many plastic bottles and containers do you throw away? Instead of adding to landfills, save those plastics and I will work with you to turn them into unique pieces of  recycled art.


1 hr | $30.00


These coiled baskets can be made in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. At the same time, they use a basic repetitive weaving technique that can help relax your mind, body and soul.

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We strive to help people of all ages enjoy life through the creative process. We believe the process and experience of creating art is just as important as the end product. We are a place to have fun, relax, learn, and get away from the daily grind of life. Whether you enjoy making beautiful art, or you need an outlet to release your emotions, we provide a safe environment that caters to your unique needs.

About Leigh

I love creating and teaching art that resonates with the soul.


Creative Influence

I would say my passion for art is rooted in my childhood and my professional career. 

As a child growing up in South Africa during the 1950’s I did not have all the man-made gadgets and toys that we do today. However, what I did have was an unlimited supply of creative materials provided by nature. I was always using my imagination and creating art with whatever I could get my hands on – sticks, rocks and flowers of all shapes and sizes. I was always drawn to art as it was an activity where I could express myself, detach from childhood challenges, and feel good about my unique talents.


As for my professional career, I was a ballet dancer, teacher and choreographer. I worked hard at my craft and was fortunate to be a part of three world-renowned ballet companies, including The Royal Ballet in England, The Stuttgart Ballet in Germany, and The National Ballet of Canada and its feeder school. As I reflect on my past, I can see the similarities. I was arranging choreography, music, and costumes to create a complete ballet performance, and today I use color, beads, plastic bottles, textiles and other found objects to make my art.


Creative Journey

My artistic journey has had many phases. I started out by making paper maché jewelry that once painted, looked like agate, jasper and other semi-precious stones. I then went to a wonderful workshop in Tucson, Arizona and got bitten by the bead bug and decided to open a store where I carried millions of beads, pearls and precious stones. My favorite times were doing commission pieces for brides and their extended party. I would sometimes have to include the mother's and grandmother’s pieces of jewelry into a headdress or necklace; giving me a real glimpse into the bride’s history and bringing it into current times. 

Today’s Creations

My newest creative pieces, often sculpture in form, are made from recycled plastics and textiles. I try to do my little part to reduce the plastic pollution problem by taking water bottles, food containers, and clam shells and turning them into one of a kind pieces of art. In addition to plastics, I have been diving into the world of textiles after visiting a local craft store and seeing the most wonderful collection of yarns and natural wools. I walked out of that store and immediately started working on large looms, which I make myself, and coiled baskets. My finished pieces are always very textural, colorful and wonderful to the touch!


I would have to say that my work is both spontaneous and experimental with lots of color and lots of movement. I love this approach as it is experimental and emotionally freeing, and I never quite know how one will turn out. I guess I still have "dancing in my blood and combinations in my head!"

- Leigh


Cleveland, OH